We Puzzle Together offers you the opportunity to train as a Puzzle Presenter (currently in Spanish only) so you can share the Virtual Puzzling experience with your students. The team at We Puzzle Together is excited to provide the Puzzles of the Week and continued support to all affiliated docents so that thousands of young people across countries all over the world can meet and have fun solving problems of logic, arithmetic and basic geometry with their teachers and classmates. The kids as well as the presenters are motivated to come back week after week to enjoy problem-solving for fun and continue developing their math skills and and a growth mind set.


The training sessions are ongoing and open to all enrolled teachers affiliated with WPT.

Join us by Zoom bi-monthly on the 2nd and last Thursday of each month at 4pm PT.


What time is 4pm PT where you live?



Each training session begins with a short demonstration of Virtual Puzzling, followed by practical aspects of handling the Zoom platform so that you can practice, share concerns and troubleshoot. Finally we discuss philosophical and pedagogical aspects that make this a unique progressive distance-learning activity.

Upon submitting this form you will receive an email with the Zoom link that you will use to access the sessions. The link will allow you to attend all sessions so there is no need to send a new form each time.


Remember that "learning something new takes time". We are here to support you with great enthusiasm knowing we are helping you make this experience accessible to all young people in your community.


Have a pencil and paper handy and get ready to have fun and learn with your colleagues!

What grades do you teach?

Training sessions are occasionally recorded and shared. If you do not want your image or identity to be public, simply log in with a pseudonym, and mute your audio and video.