My Playa name is Puzzle Girl

This past week we got to experience Burning Man, an annual community event in which a temporary city of some 70,000 people is erected for a week in Black Rock City, Nevada. Burning Man is guided by 10 principles of which Gifting was our favorite - along with Radical Inclusion and Radical Self-expression!

As our contribution, we decided to bring temporary tattoos of math puzzles which could be stamped and taken away on the skin.

We also brought a giant SOMA Cube puzzle made out of cardboard boxes, which we placed by the edge our street so that anyone curios could stop and engage at their leisure.

Both "experience" gifts were enthusiastically received and made interacting with people super fun. We ended up spreading math joy far and wide and perhaps changing a few mindsets about what math is?

"If we concentrate our attention on trying to solve a problem of geometry, and if at the end of an hour we are no nearer to doing so than at the beginning, we have nevertheless been making progress each minute of that hour in another more mysterious dimension. Without our knowing or feeling it, this apparently barren effort has brought more light into the soul"

~ Simone Weil

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