Puzzles Build Resilience

WePuzzleTogether traveled to The Bahamas to bring recreational mathematics to UNICEF Child Friendly Spaces (CFS) in communities devastated by Hurricane Dorian. I came as a volunteer with IsraAid, an INGO that has supported more the 50 communities around the world after experiencing natural or man-made disasters. What an enriching and productive week for everyone involved, and what an amazing organization IsraAid has built from the heart! Math puzzles are a fabulous medium for fostering resilience and provide socio-emotional support to children severely affected by such traumatizing events. During the week-long deployment we facilitated Training of Trainers workshops in Grand Bahama and Great Abaco, and met 30 of the most loving, eager to learn and resilient local teachers and community volunteers I have ever worked with. I usually favor working directly with the children, yet there is no denying that training trainers ultimately allows for these experiences to reach far greater numbers of children - and that is a great outcome. We'll be waiting to see photos and video of the beautiful Bahamian children at play!

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