These are some of our favorite places to find inspiration and fun puzzles:


A great resource from the Stanford University Graduate School of Education for open-ended math activities for grades K-12.


Another great resource for open-ended math activities for grades K-12 from the University of Cambridge.


A fantastic resource for open-ended math activities for GRADES K-6 grade.

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Our favorite site for math and physics problems and community for 5th grade to adult.

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An amazing global community united behind the mission to bring "Uplifting Mathematics for All!".

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Great source of Japanese-style puzzles for all ages and difficulty levels.

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Cool growing visual patterns to inspire rich mathematical conversations from "How many next?" to "What is the formula?"

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Lots of great inspiration and downloadable puzzle booklets for Grades K-12.


A great practical resource for teachers with visually compelling puzzles and games to engage students in tough problem solving for Grades K-12.

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KenKen was born in a math classroom as a tool to promote computational fluidity in a fun and addictive way. Students develop their math and logical thinking skills without even knowing it. Bring Kenken puzzles to your students, from easiest to super hard, for FREE! (They have a section just for teacher).

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A yohaku is a type of number puzzle that will test your number sense and problem solving skills. Each yohaku is either an additive or a multiplicative puzzle (as indicated by the symbol in the bottom right of the grid). Your task is to fill in the empty cells such that they give the sum or product shown in each row and column.

Great for use in classrooms as a lesson starter, or for the morning commute, or for something to accompany an afternoon cup of tea. Some yohakus will take a few minutes to solve, others will have you puzzling for longer (and you're welcome).

Each yohaku is lovingly created by hand!


Fabulous resource for finding interesting mathematical webinars and events in Spanish and for all ages.