Virtual Puzzling sessions are 100% free and available through the ZOOM video-conferencing platform year-round.

In order to participate you'll need to:

1. Make sure you have a computer connected to the internet. 

2. Set up a free ZOOM videoconferencing account. 

3. Submit the SIGN-UP form. We will send you the Zoom ID you will need to access the session.

4. Make sure the computer points at the students and gives us a good view of all participants. You might need to ask your students to rearrange positions in order for everyone to be visible in your computer's camera field.

5. Make sure your students have writing material ready (paper and pencil or whiteboards and markers or blackboards and chalk...).

6. Join the Zoom meeting at the appointed time and join in the fun!

As you can see in the examples below, connecting your computer to an overhead projector to share what is on your monitor on a large surface is a "Nice to Have" but not a "Must Have":

JW8 8-22-18.jpeg

When students share their strategies they are doing so with everyone who is participating in the session regardless of school, province or country. Having a board in the field of view is a very useful tool for our puzzle solvers! 

vatsalya 1 2_23_18.jpg
guatemala 2.jpg

Example of a session in progress, with 30+ students representing 23 different schools from seven provinces in Panama and a Puzzle Presenter in Northern California, USA.

Mapa Escuelas Panama.jpeg
Presentadora Panama.jpg